General Questions

General Questions
General Questions

What is Project Seven?
Why are you doing this?
Who are you?
What kind of films are you making?
Why seven? Is that seven films each (forty-two total)?

Watching the films
Where can I view the films from Project Seven?
I’m having trouble viewing them online, can you help?
Can I get a copy of these films on VHS or DVD?

Supporting Project Seven
How can I support Project Seven?
I’m interested in helping contribute financially to Project Seven.
I’m an actor— can I send you my headshot and info?
I’m a DP/grip/sound engineer/musician— can I participate?
I have little or no experience in movies— can I still help on a shoot?
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Films online

Films online
Films online


completed December 7, 2002
An experimental film about “love” as a collaborative effort of the whole Project Seven team. This film is based on the Biblical passage I Corinthians 13 and contains its text in its entirety. The film was presented at the “8 Minutes Max” artistic event, which sets an 8-minute limit for experimental art.

Angela Alvarez

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PeopleJeffrey Travis

Growing up in Argentina, Jeffrey never had a VCR, a telephone or Captain Crunch cereal till he moved to the U.S., but did develop a passion for magical realism literature as well as a love for beef and good wine. Jeffrey got a Master’s in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and has authored three books that have nothing remotely to do with filmmaking. Having mucked around with borrowed video cameras in earlier years, he made his first short film *Busy Signals in 2001 (together with David Taylor as DOS gringos productions). After making Recuerdos de Un Mate he got the preposterous idea of making seven shorts in one year, and so he & David started Project Seven. Jeffrey and his wife, Stephanie, have three children: Maeve, Aidan, and Rachel. Continue reading “People”